• Keynotes

Most Seminar Topics can be utilized as keynotes, depending on your organization's needs.
"Value Added: PsychTools for Creating Daily Success" has been the most requested Keynote.  


  • Seminars & Workshops                                                 

Details can be found at the Seminars & Workshops page of this site.


  • Panels                                                                

Contact Johntz Presentations for details.


  • Expert Witness                                                               

        Details and Fee Structure. 


  • Consulting                                                    

Consulting can be done on an ad hoc or regular basis. Details may be found in the Consulting page of this site.


  • Spouse Programs                                                

Most Seminar Topics can be utilized as Spouse Programs, depending on your organization's needs.



  • Executive Coaching                                                 

This six-month program is designed so you have a person dedicated to your individual success. Teams of up to 10 people may also benefit from their own six-month program. Details.                                                              


  • Training                                                               

Contact Johntz Presentations for details.


  • Moderator / Facilitator                                                  

Details and Fee Structure.


  • Company or Product Promotions.                                    

        Details and prices.


  • Public Seminars                                                             

Details and pricing can be found under Seminars and Workshops.


  • Virtual Seminars                                                             

        Details and pricing can be found under Seminars and Workshops.


  • Follow-up Telephone Consult                                     

Designed for key individuals in the audience usually falling in one of two categories: those individuals to whom it is imperative that they truly absorb the information, or those individuals to whom a large portion of the audience reports. Both groups of people often benefit from individual time with Megan to clarify information presented, so as to reinforce the PsychTools learned. Details and prices


  • Audience Reinforcement Email                                         

This is one of the most effective methods to ensure rapid organizational change. Reinforcement Post-It notes are inscribed with PsychTools, and designed to promote rapid learning. Audience members using the Post-It notes are seeing the information learned in the keynote or workshop every day, helping to reinforce the concepts and skills. Details and prices


  • Effectiveness Feedback Survey                                         

The initial survey is distributed at the end of the presentation, tabulated by Johntz Presentations, and results are then given to your organization. This feedback allows you to gauge the effectiveness of Megan's presentation, and it's free to you. For further gauges of the effectiveness of Megan's program(s), there are several other options available.
Details and prices


  • Keirsey Personality Type Inventory (administered and scored) 

This personality type inventory is used in small group settings, to large workshops, and gives participants an inside look at the strengths and struggles of their own personality type. The results are congruent with the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Inventory, and easily understood. Participants get their personality type immediately upon completion of the inventory, making it applicable to large groups. Details and prices



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